Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maternity Leave

I am going back to school after being on maternity leave since the birth of my second son in October. I worked up until the day before I have birth (on the way to the hospital I had two bags: my hospital bag and my work bag--waiting to hear if I really was in labor.)

There has been nothing more rewarding than being home with my son, but I have missed my other kids, too. One had a birthday yesterday that I was happy I could remember even though I wasn't "in the loop." Some of these kids I've had since third grade--it's been hard to miss some of their milestones in class--I missed the 2Pac lesson! Constitution essays!--but I know that they were taken care of as well as or better than I could have done myself.  This is a thank you to (first and foremost) Shara, Debra, the administration of my school, and everyone else who picked up the slack when I was gone. I am excited to come back, to see my "other kids," hear about what they've been doing, and to apply some of the awesome ideas I've picked up on Twitter while I've been on leave.


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