Monday, August 5, 2013

Jewish Education and Technology Conference, 2013

As always, I come into this conference with a balance of trepidation and excitement. Trepidation because, no matter how much I always WANT to improve as an educator, it is always so challenging to put all of the pieces together, to open myself up to radical change, to see the vast applications of technologies and how they apply to me and to my students. I worry that I will not remember everything--I worry that I won't choose the correct tools to focus on for next year--I need to let all of these worries go to enter an open space where I know that the pieces I need will fall into place and all of the tools and ideas will show themselves to me. 

I am excited, because we as educators are at a moment of educational revolution. I feel the energy of innovation in this room; together we can create something new--and at the very least--a new network from which to learn -- a place where we can share and collaborate in this unique place of Judaism and technology.

Let's use all of these tools--I want to imagine what education can look like with this JET13 cohort. 


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